PRDAO - Automated Freelancer Platform
PRDAO stands for Public Relations Decentralized Autonomous Organization and has the goal of decentralizing and automating marketing tasks for decentralized Web3 projects or individuals who need additional marketing assistance. PRDAO is an Automated Freelancer Platform that accepts Eth, Sol and ALGOs.
The PRDAO will be a marketplace for projects to begin utilizing the system, generate tasks and obtain needed items for their projects to grow. Submitted tasks can range from writing blogs or product reviews, translating articles or social posts to managing a Discord channel for the weekend. Any task, whether simple and small or technical and complex can be posted and accepted using PRDAO.
PRDAO is excited to share a portion of the gross revenue with token holders, as well as allowing them to vote on ICO's when the PRDAO platform is completed.
PRDAO will not only be an automated freelancer platform but will also be a decentralized launchpad on Algorand.
Official PRDAO Pages are: Telegram: - Easiest way to reach a team member. Discord: Twitter: LinkedIn: PRDAO Website: Y7 Marketing Website:
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