Bad Actors

If a submission is flagged as Malicious by one Marketeer, then the other two graders will be notified and will have the opportunity to read the comments and justification from the marketeer who originally flagged the submission.

The other two graders can review the flagged response and choose to agree or disagree with the response. Before a submission can pass to the next step of either freezing and banning a bad actor or moving to grade the submission, the three graders must agree on whether it is or is not a malicious submission. There are three possible results from this challenge:

  1. Identify a bad actor: All three graders will review the reasoning for the malicious claim and will agree that the submission was a malicious attempt to submit a bad product that would hurt the project, regardless of the motivation.

  2. Identify a valid submission: All three graders will review the reasoning of the scores and malicious claim and will agree that the submission is a valid attempt to provide the project with what was requested.

  3. Stalemate: All three graders will be at a stalemate, unable to agree whether or not a submission is malicious or valid. This may happen if the submission does not meet the requirements requested by the project, such as a written submission with 250 words when 750 words were required. This task will be kicked back to the Marketeer who submitted the task with the notes on why it will not be accepted. The submitting marketeer will not get any funds, and the project will still receive the submission with the grader's notes on it.

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