Marketeer Level

As a marketeer submits tasks and spends time utilizing PRDAO, the Marketeer will increase in levels. The levels range from one to ten, one being a newcomer, and ten being a veteran.

After every five tasks are submitted and approved, the Marketeer will be promoted to the next level. The higher the level, the higher the multiplier will be for the reward, and harder the tasks will be.

It is expected that a level 10 Marketeer will be able to handle a more complex task and will be paid more for it, whereas some tasks, such as actively engaging in discord, may be simple enough for a level 1 Marketeer and therefore not pay as much.

The level multipliers are equal to the level of the Marketeer. A level one Marketeer will have one as their level multiplier and a level ten will have a ten as their level multiplier. This means that higher leveled Marketeers will on average be paid more and given harder tasks to complete.

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