Round 1 - Angle/VC and Governance NFT

The first round of fundraising will be a Governance NFT sale created by VJFred ( The Governance NFT, called the bounty Bee's series will be limited to only 225 unique NFT's. This means that there will never be over 225 HIVE Collective Govenors. The sale of the these NFT's will be to gain advisors who are invested in the Project both from the begining and financially.
Angel Investor or VC:
If an Angel Investor or VC joins as a Pre-Seed investor, 1 Governance NFT will be sent for every 1,150 ALGOs worth of Investment up to the 258,750 Total Algos. an Angel Investor or VC will be sought to assist with the start-up costs and will be given a token/equity deal for the unsold portion of the “pre-seed” round. The Angel or VC will be given a certain number of Governance votes to be determined by the amount invested.
The remaining unsold Governance NFT’s will then be sold for only the right to vote as a Governor at the same price, but will not be given a token allocation.
Fifteen percent of the funds raised will go toward the artist and platform fees. Thirty thousand ALGOs are saved for incorporation and legal assistance for PRDAO. The remaining ALGOs will be spent on development.
Governance NFT holders will receive the following benefits: - A total of 44,444.44 discounted tokens, with 50% (22,222.22 tokens) available within a week of TGE, and a daily vested distribution of even tokens per NFT starting after a 90 day lockup period, for 365 days (Totaling 44,444.44 tokens). - Governance position when the PRDAO V2 launches which will allow the Govenor to vote for the remaining token allocations. - Air-staking mechanism with ALGO rewards for holding the token in your wallet.