Submitting tasks on PRDAO

When you submit a task there is a process of review by other marketeers of that task before payment will be made. One of the goals of PRDAO is to be as automated as possible, which is hard when the submissions can range in skill and context as much as the submissions can be in this project.
When a task is submitted, the other marketers are given the opportunity to grade the submission.
No more than three marketers will be allowed the opportunity to grade a submission. The graders will be asked to answer four questions.
1) Is this submission malicious? - Is it plagiarized or is it Lorem ipsum rather than a real attempt to complete the work?
2) Give a Quality Score*, 1-10, where 1 is terrible quality, and 10 is stellar quality.
3) Give an Impact Score*; where 1 is that the task likely won't help the project, and 10 is that the task will contributed vastly to improving the project.
4) Give an explanation to justify your answers above or give recomendations to the client on potenital edits to consider.
A Quality Score and Impact Score are only answered if the first question is “No”, as Malicious content will have an Impact and Quality score of zero.
  • Grading a submission is an important and time-consuming task. Because of this, the marketeers who spend their time providing this service should be paid. A portion of the total fee offered by the project for the completed task goes to rewarding the three marketeers who will be grading the submission.
  • Every PRDAO member will have the opportunity to grade other marketeers submissions for a small reward 1-10% of the maximum fee.
The Bad-actor/grading protocol protects the client from malicious submissions. The three marketeers who will be grading your submission for quality and impact will gain a larger portion of the reward if they successfully identify that the submission is malicious.