Quality and Impact Scores

All submissions will be graded on Quality and Impact. Something can be great quality but have little impact on the project and vice versa. It can have a great impact to the project but be a low-quality submission. Examples of both are below.


The quality score reflects the condition of the work that the marketeer submitted. An example of a high-quality submission is a well-executed youtube video or a well written blog. A low quality submission may be an article with many grammatical or spelling errors in it or repeated posts on a Discord channel rather than thought-out responses.


The Impact score reflects the reach and influence a submission gains for the project. A youtube video that is on a channel with one million active subscribers has a higher impact than a youtube video that has five subscribers. A discord moderator may engage with the community well and encourage conversation, even though the posts were misspelled and unprofessional.

In these examples you can see how the Quality of a submission can differ from the Impact of the submission.

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