Tokenomics - ICO

Tokenomics, Vesting, Projections, and Prospectus reports.
PRDAO will launch with the goal to test the platform and raise liquidity for the official PRDAO token, which will launch within a month of the mainnet release.
Round 1 of the fundraising will have a goal of 225,000 ALGO's through the sale of Governance NFT's, or through Angel/VC partners. For every Governance NFT that is sold, a token allocation will be alloted and removed from the available 10,000,000 toakens alloted for this round of fundraising. This means that a VC may invest 225,000 ALGOs and retain 10,000,000 Tokens or 225 individuals can invest 1,150 ALGOs and each be granted 44,444.44 tokens.
Round 2 of the Fundraising will have a goal of 350,000 ALGO's and will be used for 1/3 for development and marketing, and 2/3's for token liquidity.
Twenty percent of the net revenue generated from PRDAO (marketing tasks and ICOs), or 1% of the gross revenue will be injected back into the ecosystem through revenue share with token holders utilizing ALGOs.
Liquidity will be generated in the second round of fundraising.
1) Through the initial sale of a limited edition Governance NFT collection or through VC investment. Two hundred and twenty five NFTs will be minted. Every Governance NFT holder will be given a token distribution of 44,444 each with the lockup and vesting period.
If the sale of the Governance NFT’s hindered by the market, an Angel Investor or VC will be sought to assist with the start-up costs and will be given a token/equity deal for the unsold portion of the “pre-seed” round. The remaining Governance NFT’s will then be sold for only the right to vote as a Governor. The Angel or VC will be given a certain number of Governance votes to be determined by the amount invested.
2) The goal for the ICO will be 550,500 ALGO's for 10,000,000 tokens. Out of the 550,500 ALGO's raised 233,000 ALGO's will go toward Liquidity to be split amoung Humbleswap.
Total Token Supply - 100,000,000
Staking/Rewards tokens will be managed by Governors and used to increase liquidity providers and total no more than 30,000,000 tokens.
Development/Grants tokens will be managed by governors and invested for equity only in partnering projects that will generate additional revenue for token holders through aidropped ALGOs. There will be a total of 20,000,000 tokens available for investment in other projects.
Team Lock-up will be distributed by Vestige starting in 12 months from TGE and will be sent to team wallets in a equal disbursement for 365 days. Totaling 20,000,000 tokens distributed to the team.
Reserve tokens will be saved until DAO governance starts after PRDAO V2 is launched. At this time, PRDAO should be as fully decentralized and autonomous as possible requiring as limited management and technical development as possible. When V2 is launched only NFT holders can vote for proposed investment or change to the following: - use of remaining development/grants tokens
- use of reserve tokens
- use of remaining staking/rewards tokens
- and the platform fee that is charged per transaction.
Ten percent of the Governance NFT holders tokens, ICO Investors tokens, and Team tokens will be vested upfront. The remaining Nintey percent will be vest in the following schedule:
NFT Governance Tokens will be locked for 6 months and will have a 6 month vesting period on a daily basis.
ICO Investor tokens will be locked for 3 months and will have a 6 month vesting period on a daily basis.
Team tokens will be locked for 12 months and will have a 12 month vesting period on a daily basis.
This stagered lockup and vesting periods is to assit the token supply to stay above the .1 ALGO threshold.
The following documents are for investment purposes:
Hive Token Purpose: The HIVE Token only has 2 purposes. 1) To act as a voting mechanism on the Launchpad’s portal. 2) To be staked in the holders wallet, of which 1% of the gross revenue will of ALGOs, Ethereum, and Solana be devoted to these staking rewards only.